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Speech is Power to Persuade, Convert & Compel


As speech-language practitioners and as individuals, our clinic is set up on the principle and belief that communication is the very essence of human life, and each person deserves a voice.

We are on a mission to help our clients overcome their issues through well-planned and personalised treatment giving them the confidence and ability they need to thrive.


Welcome to the ZM Speech Care Clinic

Situated in the heart of Chennai city, it is a fully-equipped therapy centre where everyone can flourish at their own pace.

It was established in 2003 with the aim of providing therapy and treatment for speech, language, feeding, and swallowing disorders to clients of all ages.

This year we have established a new centre with a fully equipped Occupational Therapy setup and special education services.

This is a home away from home where children play while learning and adults interact without inhibitions. The ambience and feel of the entire set-up have been designed to create a comfortable vibe for everyone.


The environment here is warm and relaxing to ease clients’ anxiety and provide breathing room for the family members.

the clinic

Why Choose Us

Our Approach


Personal assessment and guidance of lead therapist - Zainab Millwala


A child's parents/guardian and family are thoroughly involved at every step

They are consulted during decision making and we ensure their participation and contribution in the therapy sessions for better response from the child, while also helping families to easily inculcate good and healthy practices and techniques at home.


Pragmatic and playful methods for the implementation of therapy.

With the help of books, toys and other learning aids to ease and encourage children, accelerating their recovery and progress.


Complete and absolute transparency throughout the entire process.


Customized treatment approaches for each client catering to their individual diagnosis and needs, along with easy to follow instructions.


Up to date timelines and milestones of client’s progress regularly maintained and shared.

Families are provided with the report of progress and feedback after every session and are counselled regularly.


We regularly consult and collaborate with other experts and professionals from the field to offer the best treatment plan for our client.


Along with individual sessions, group sessions are also offered.

Especially for children, to encourage interaction with peers, boost comfort and confidence in social settings, and promote language and verbal skills improvement in practice.

Miriam Nawaz | UAE

"Today my daughter speaks small sentences and I couldn’t be more proud of her"

Neetha Rajendra | USA

"To say that we are very glad that we approached ZM speech care would be an understatement"

Saranya | Chennai

"The best part with ZM speech care is we are allowed to see kids in therapy room""

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