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We Focus On Ability - Not The Lack Of It


Engineering Student | Andrew 
2023 | Chennai, India

Andrew's Audio Testimonial

"Stammering can be completely  resolved but it depends on the amount of practise."

"I have visited many speech therapists but didn't find one like Zainab Mam!"

Sister | Gunjan Soni
2024 | Rajasthan, India

We have been taking home plans from Zainab Mam for over a year. When we started with Raghav(my brother who has Down Syndrome and is 9 years old), he couldn't speak most of the words and now he can speak almost all words and sentences. Mam's plan is also worth taking for language development. Raghav couldn't eat anything apart from mashed food but now he can eat everything without any help - just because of Mam.


She is very polite and knowledgeable. I like her perspective on kids, she understands and explains to us what is happening with the child, as most of us start to blame the kid. I have visited many speech therapists but didn't find one like Zainab Mam.

"All the therapists working along with Zainab Mam are well qualified in the field and highly motivated"

Parent | Meher Chand -Joint Commissioner of Income Tax (TDS)
2024 | Chennai, India

Firstly, I would like to thank Zainab Mam and the team for doing yeoman service to society by moulding the children at the appropriate age in the right direction by making them grow holistically both physically and mentally. 


Every parent including me, invariably will have some inhibitions or fear that certain deficiencies are there in a child and would not know how to identify the issue and give proper care, and support to the child to help him overcome those obstacles. In such a scenario, the way Zainab Mam analyses the kid and identifies the right deficiencies/delays in the growth of any child gives confidence and relief to every parent from the moment the initial assessment is done. 


All the therapists working along with Zainab Mam are well-qualified in the field and are highly motivated to take good care and concern for every child individually. The way each therapist updates the child after every session gives boosts to the parents that the child is progressing in a good way and will quickly overcome the obstacles. Here special thanks to Jaba Mam, Padma Mam, and Indu Mam for taking special care of my child. Another worth mentioning difference in ZM speech care is that, unlike all traditional therapists in other entities, the child is never harshly or forcefully dealt with and is given complete freedom to explore and learn things through them. In this way, the child is also happy and wouldn’t resist attending the sessions. 

The follow-up monitoring of each kid by Zainab Mam is also commendable and she takes immediate action in changing the plan of therapies etc by having overall inputs of the kid from the therapists whenever necessary.

"I did not believe it was possible to correct the severe stuttering that I still had as an adult"

Medical student | Sharon Glenn

As someone who has stuttered throughout their childhood, I did not believe it was possible to correct the severe stuttering that I still had as an adult.


I am incredibly grateful to ZM Speech Care CLinic for enabling me to now speak and read fluently with such confidence and with better pace and diction. She (Zainab Millwala) meticulously taught me exercises for breath and speech, evaluated my daily speech and stuttering patterns through a log book that I maintained, assessed my progress periodically and encouraged me throughout my 3 months in speech therapy.


I still continue practicing the exercises that were taught to me and I can observe significant improvement in my confidence and general anxiety levels. My quality of life has significantly improved and my stutter is no longer an impediment to me, in my personal or professional life. I am so incredibly grateful to her (Zainab Millwala)!

"Today my daughter speaks small sentences and I couldn’t be more proud of her"

Parent | Miriam Nawaz
2021 | Dubai, UAE

I was excited when my third baby was born. She smiled and laughed and was always a happy child, but as the months progressed, I felt something quite wasn’t right. 


She was having a hard time hitting her speech and communication mile stones. she stopped responding to her name being called. As a mother, I was depressed, my baby girl was not able to communicate with me. I cried having had no idea where to go for help then one of my close friend recommended Zainab Millwala ma’am. 


I was doubtful even hesitant at first, amidst the negative criticism from those around me who thought that she would grow out of it. 


I am happy to have met ma’am (Zainab Millwala).  After a thorough investigative report, ma’am laid down simple short term goals and methods to achieve those goals. She took into account my daughters weaknesses and strength and gave me simple short term goals. 


Zainab ma’am makes you feel comfortable from the minute you step into her clinic. She let my daughter play around and get familiar. She helped me through every little step and I am glad that I found her at the right time. 


Today my daughter speaks small sentences and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thanks to ma’am’s genuine efforts and guidance. If you are in a similar difficult situation, as a mother whose going through this, I highly recommend zainab ma’am. Don’t think twice, Take the first step to your child’s betterment today!

"She helped me (parent) to transform into a speech therapist for my child"

Parent | Priya Narayanan
2021 | Sydney, Australia

We started online home program for my son (six years old and diagnosed with ASD) with Zainab ma'am towards end of 2020. Our son picked up on speech tremendously within a month. Heard about Zainab ma'am through my contacts that she’s an amazing speech therapist.


I would say that she is also a great teacher. She helped me (parent) to transform into a speech therapist for my child in short span of time with her tools and techniques along with goals written in clear concise and detailed manner. She helped me to identify the strength and concerns in my child. Zainab ma'am also identified the auditory processing concerns in my child and working on it as well. I'm confident that my child will speak and have back and forth conversations very soon one day. 

"To say that we are very glad that we approached ZM speech care would be an understatement"

Parent | Neetha Rajendra
2021 | USA

Our daughter had speech delay.We got in touch with ZM speech care regarding this problem


When we started with ZM speech care,our child was non verbal.she had feeding issues as well.At first Zainab mam worked on feeding issues using massages. She gave us critical inputs regarding what we need to try at home w.r.t different textures of food. There was a marked improvement in our child's chewing and feeding. Then gradually they worked on her speech issues as well. Currently our daughter is speaking with short sentences.


Zainab man's methods were very critical in our daughter's speech development. We have been using their services for around 2years now and our daughter has progressed really well. To say that we are very glad that we approached ZM speech care would be an understatement and I recommend any parents who going through speech issues with their child to approach Zainab mam.

"The best part with ZM speech care is we are allowed to see kids in therapy room"

Parent | Saranya
2020 | Chennai, India

I am very happy to write about Zainab. My son Arrush is taking therapy with mam for nearly 3 years. His language has improved tremendously. He has very good vocabulary. But the use of language with people is difficult for him. With zainab mam, I have seen a good change in him.


Also the best part with ZM speech care is we are allowed to see kids in therapy room. We can learn so much from mam. Her way of dealing kids is brilliant. There is always lots to take away from mam's session. My son never forgets a concept taught in a class. Group therapy will be more fun for him. She teaches concepts with practical examples. During corona pandemic, as everything changed to online mode, within a very short time, she had materials ready in system and the session also was equally effective to direct therapy. Her dedication towards work is fabulous and I am so grateful to have my kid in zm speech care under Zainab mam. 

"The most important (aspect) for a parent (is) that the child is understood and different ways to teach are applied"

Parent | Vandana Verma
2020 | Chennai, India

 I was referred for my son Pranay to Zainab Mam and I'm thankful I was to the right place.


From the beginning Pranay used to like to go to her classes and his vocabulary improved with help of flashcards which was a fun way to increase words.


Zainab mam is very patient even when there were days he would not cooperate, this is the most important for a parent that the child is understood and different ways to teach are applied according to the situation.


He is able to express more compared to before which was very less. I'm always grateful to Zainab mam for helping our kids to express themselves and guiding us parents 

"Speech therapy needs a specialist understanding of the specific needs of the child"

Parent | Mrs Meenu Madhu
2018 | Chennai, India

When our daughter was born, we knew she’ll face some difficulties. We eventually found that Rudra has Cerebral Palsy. Her cognitive abilities and development was alright, but motor skills were severely affected. While we had been giving her physiotherapy, finding the right speech therapist was a difficult task.


At her age of 4, we found a good therapist, but unfortunately he was moving abroad. He told us about ZM The Speech Care Clinic, but he didn’t know the person there. I googled, got the number and fixed an appointment. At the first instance meeting Zainab, I felt she was the right person for us. From the word go, she knew what to do. Speech therapy needs a specialist understanding of the specific needs of the child and tailors the therapy methodology to that. She had the right knowledge for that. Besides, she knew what collateral to use on what days for what requirements.


My wife would often say, “when we go for a session with Zainab, she’s well prepared of what to do that day along with the material. If Rudra is non-cooperative for some reason, she’ll have a plan B.” That’s how thorough she is in her work.


Parents of children with difficulties need a realistic picture of where we stand in terms of the child’s development. She’s one of the best at giving the right prognosis and suggests the required aids. It’s nearly been 5 years that our daughter has been in speech therapy with her. I credit a lot of what Rudra is today – cognitively, response-to-speech-wise or development-wise to Zainab. She is more a sounding board and a friend to us now, apart from being a very good speech therapist.

"The only therapy class my son loves to attend"

Parent | Ishwarya
2020 | Chennai, India

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and was undergoing various therapies including speech therapy. Not much improvement was seen.


Then I came to know about ZM Speech Care and immediately booked an appointment and started speech therapy. Within a very short span of time, my son picked up speech and started communicating well. Now, he is almost age appropriate in his communication skills.


Zainab ma'm is very patient and works with the child the way the child is comfortable with. The only therapy class my son loves to attend is Zainab Ma'm's class.

"I was amazed to listen to my own taped voices"

Mr. Ravindranathan
2016 | Chennai, India

What to say to you except to compliment you on the remarkable progress I could make on all fronts like speaking, mouth exercises, my reading abilities, and last but not the least about my being transformed to a gentleman on the eating table without food getting thrown around forcing me to carry a bib around my neck. I now eat neatly without food getting thrown around.

Today I was amazed to listen to my own taped voices and i could not believe that i could speak with so much clarity and correct pronunciation. All these I could achieve within almost 2 months with 2 sessions every week! Kudos to you.

"Initial assessment and evaluation was comprehensive and insightful"

Parent | Mrs. R Sangeetha
2017 | Chennai, India

My daughter Isha has been undergoing speech Therapy with Zainab Ma’am for past 3 years.


Her initial assessment and evaluation was comprehensive and insightful for us in understanding the language and speech impairments my daughter had. As she understands the child’s impairments, needs, abilities and behaviour, she bonds with the child and customizes her speech therapy sessions accordingly.


Also, she monitors the child’s progress very closely. To us parents, her home program and other tips have been very helpful. Most importantly we like her positive approach. My daughter’s speech has improved.

"The clinic setup is very parent (family) friendly"

Parent | Mrs. Shwetha GopalKrishnan
2015 | Chennai, India

Past two years, I have had a very good and successful experience with ZM Speech Care. The continual effort from her side has shown a remarkable difference in my daughter, Iniya. She has played a major role in the formative years by working on developing her speech and language skills. Also she has been intuitive in creating an interesting environment for the child to progress.

The clinic setup is very parent friendly. I get to listen to the class and practice the same with my child.
‘Zainab Aunty’ is a name engraved in my daughter’s heart and a very significant person behind all her future achievements.

"At ZM Speech Care, they work on all the fundamentals"

Parent | Mrs. Rathnapriya Bharath
2018 | Chennai, India

We are happy to share a few words about ZM Speech Care.


Our journey has started just 6 months ago, and by God’s grace we are in the right hands. Our son was just 2.3 years old when he joined ZM and the play way method what they are following is really very good for young kids.

At ZM Speech Care, they work on all the fundamentals to get the words from each child’s mouth. It mostly covers the overall development of the child. At the clinic they first explained to us that communication through pointing and comprehension of language is more important than getting the child to just imitate words. We are really happy to see our child progress under the guidance of Zainab ma’am.

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