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Providing care beyond speech.


Zainab Millwala

Lead Speech Language Pathologist

I am a licensed speech-language pathologist with nearly two decades of professional experience. I'm proud to be one of the recognised SLPs in Chennai.

I specialise in providing expert treatment and diagnosis for Pediatric Feeding Disorders and Oral Placement Therapy for speech disorders. My practice serves both local clients in Chennai and individuals from around the world.

Since 2003, my clinic has been at the forefront of using play-based methods and storytelling to enhance language and communication skills in children. We are committed to inclusive therapy programs involving parents, ensuring our young clients' best possible outcomes.



Specialists in oral placement programmes, pediatric feeding issues, and

speech-language therapy

Our Consultations

We understand that every client has their specific needs and context, so we work with you to find the therapy method that works best for you - including online consultations and home therapy programmes.

About Our Practice

As speech-language practitioners and as individuals, our clinic is set up on the principle and belief that communication is the very essence of human life, and each person deserves a voice.


Verified Recommendations

Miriam Nawaz | UAE

"Today my daughter speaks small sentences and I couldn’t be more proud of her"

Neetha Rajendra | USA

"To say that we are very glad that we approached ZM speech care would be an understatement"

Saranya | Chennai

"The best part with ZM speech care is we are allowed to see kids in therapy room""

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